Yep!  New title for Bruce and new rock for us from Alice In Chains AND Aerosmith!!

Bruce Dickinson ... Singer. Fencer. Pilot. Author. Now, he's a Doctor ... talk about an over-achiever!!  (What's next, plumber??)  Read more from!

Moving on to new rock, Alice In Chains are back at work!!  The long awaited follow - up to 2009’s "Black Gives Way to Blue" will be the 2nd Alice in Chains release with singer William DuVall.  Though William did record (sort of) with AIC once before in '92.  Read the whole story at!

Aerosmith are back in business also.  As soon as they can pry Steven off the book trail and out of tv land, they'll record and then hit the road!! Catch up with "The Smith" at!

Tyler; writing books, doing tv shows and recording??  I think he's just jealous of Bruce and trying to compensate.  Watch; next he'll learn to fly!!  (A plane, not the other way...)