Something funny for you today.  Funny in a weird ... almost disturbing ... way.

I posted a blog recently about the Bad Ass Mountain Music .. BAMM .. festival that was held in Cloudcroft this past weekend.  Seemed like a pretty cool party was going down yet, a couple of peeps asked me when I got into "mountain music".  They said it wasn't cool.

What?  First of all, whether I'm into "mountain music" or not, I AM into having a good time and they have a blast at BAMM!  Catch it next year, you'll see!  Second, what's wrong with so called "mountain music"?  Nothing!  All music has some merit .. except rap and hip hop anyway .. so c'mon, broaden your horizons!  Finally, who says mountain music can't be cool?

You can make ANYTHING cool if you try hard enough!  Check out Steve 'N' Seagulls. (Love that name!  Read it again.)