Did you get suckered into buying the NEW all powerful IPhone5?

Shell out $199(if you were lucky)for 2 more years? Wait in line? Replace ALL your connectors for the "New and Inproved" smaller one?

Are you having problems? And complaining about it? This is why!

Its an IPhone !


Android already did everything your IPhone was suppose to do when they released  the first IPhone! Apple just had to catch up with all the cool Android stuff , they (Apple) just wants your money for a "Bigger" screen,a so called more"Powerful"chip .  It does the SAME thing your 8 month old IPhone 4 did.

Stop Crying! I know how loyal Apple IPhone users are, the new IPhone 5s (the S is for "Sucker") will be out next May with a "better"processor (fixing the problems they had with the one the installed) and more expensive "White" Plastic .

Everyone Remembers the 1984 "Big Brother" ad when Apple introduced the Macintosh? Everyone following, single file,glazed eyes ,fixated on ONE product.

Now look at you , how history repeats itself.How the tables have turned ,Its all the IPhone users ,marching single file , glazed eyes, waiting to be rescued !