It started with one question, that lead to a 20 minute discussion on the state of the music industry. These guys don't sugar coat anything.

The word legend doesn't even seem to be big enough to encompass a band that has been around as long as theirs, done as much, been through as much, and has as much knowledge as them. I was given the golden opportunity to interview William DuVall and Sean Kinney at Revolt on the Rio in Albuquerque, NM on August 31st.

I started by asking them one single question: how has the internet impacted the music industry in your opinion? From there, the conversation ran, with both guys really wanting to make sure they got the point across that you're not screwing the record companies when you illegally download, you're screwing them. Plus, we got to talk about what it takes to put on a massive tour like theirs, where they think rock is going, what technology has done to rock music and a lot more.

This interview has to be my favorite that I have done so far. The guys are open, honest and really inspiring. After talking to both of them, I really felt I had a better grasp on the musician's side of the industry and what their daily struggles are. Did I feel a little depressed about the future of rock? Yes. But, I do feel that there are the next Led Zeppelins out there, waiting to be discovered and be given the time of day. We just need to realize and appreciate them now. So what will you be, another one of the masses, listening and buying the technology ridden, cheapest, dumbest music out there that has been force fed to the masses? Or will you look for the next historic band to come forward, to truly move and invigorate every sense in your body? After listening to William and Sean, I don't mind the wait to find that band.