If you think those two working together is kind of weird, wait until you see who else is involved!

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the best works ever done by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice.  I've seen it done by amateurs and pros alike, including one performance here in El Paso that was also attended by Sir Tim Rice himself.  Afterwards, he said the UTEP production one of the best he'd ever seen!

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Anyway, I've always thought this musical needed to be modernized a bit and now it's happening! JC Superstar 2014 features a pretty eclectic cast with Brandon Boyd from Incubus as Judas and Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten playing King Herod. Mary's part went to Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child and the role of Jesus ... originally done by Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan ... went to Ben Forster. Ben actually won the part in 2012 on a UK talent show called "Superstar"!

Not exactly the performers I have in my imaginary re-do, but I'm sure these guys will do it justice.  Here's a sample from Brandon and Michelle!