I was reading some stuff on Facebook today, and some of my friends were wishing certain restaurants would deliver, since they didn't feel like getting up and going. That made me think of how many times I've been sitting around wishing I could get something delivered other than pizza. I love pizza, but I can't eat it every day, or I wouldn't be physically able to get up to go.

A lot of cities have restaurants that deliver. Not just pizza, but Chinese, deli, Indian, Mexican...if you can eat it, they can deliver it. It's a big hole here in El Paso that restaurants could easily rectify, right? If you had a say in which restaurants delivered, which ones would it be?

Some of my personal favs would be Japanese Kitchen, Avila's, Pei Wei, Texas Roadhouse, Al-Zaituna and Steakpedos. (The list would have included Taco Grill, but they closed last year and my life hasn't been the same since.)

Add to this list of who should deliver: