I don't know if there is a secret to getting on Fallons show, but I know how to keep you off of it!!

Jimmy Fallon recently took over the Tonight Show, replacing Jay Leno.  The show is currently killing all the rival talk shows and NBC intends to keep it that way.  How they are trying to do that kind of sucks though.

NBC recently issued a warning to celebrities, agents, managers ... pretty much everyone in Hollyweird ... that if they or their client appear on any show (morning, daytime or evening) on either CBS or ABC, that person will NEVER be allowed to appear on Fallons Show.


If Rob Zombie wants to go on with me, I'm not going to tell him he can never speak to any other radio station!  That's stupid, he (and everyone else) has a right to do whatever he can to promote himself. Right?

What do you guys think?