Check out today's Monster's Hiney of the week, I think that once you see this lovely hiney, you're gonna be very jealous of the husband that took this picture.  I know I was.

self portrait

Remember ladies, if you want to brag about your hiney, you can submit your photo below. Oh and fellas if you want to brag about your lady, send a pic, just make sure you get her permission first.

Today's Monster's Hiney of the week was sent in by a very persistent husband:

"Took this shot of my wife. I have been asking her if I can send her pic to the KLAQ guys but she never agreed. Until I agreed to do all the house work for two weeks.

She is an office clerk (9-5) and when she comes home, she likes to run around the house like this. Hates it when people come over durring the week but likes to get out abit on the weekend"

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