Do you enjoy a day of hiking in the Franklin Mountains but are afraid of getting lost? While lying around Sunday afternoon I had heard that another person got lost in the Franklin Mountains. Read the complete story here from the El Paso Times. I started thinking that this man was not injured, had plenty of water so why did we have to pay (if we do) to have him rescued which gave me a great idea. If you or your out-of-town guests plan on hiking the Franklin Mountains, you need something to help you remember about self-rescue so I made a map to help everyone not get lost in the Franklin Mountains. Feel free to print out this survival page and pass it on to everyone. Just stick it in your pocket or backpack and when you realize you are lost, say to yourself, "WHAT WOULD SCOTT RONSON DO?" Then, pull it out and follow the instructions carefully!

 One last helpful hint, If you can't figure out which one is less or which one is more, Lay down on the ground and give yourself a push, I believe less lost will come into view very quickly!