The last time I went on a plane the cost of a couple drinks to calm my nerves set me back more than I expected. Well, then a friend told me this awesome trick to getting to drink for a whole lot less.

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Some veterans of flying and seasoned drinkers have probably heard of this before but for me this was when I learned some of my friends are smarter than the average bear. Instead of shelling out anywhere between 5 to 10 dollars for a mixed beverage on a plane, they bring the booze with them!

Head to the liquor store before your flight, and pick up some of those handy double shot bottles for around 2 bucks each. They have a much better selection than the flight and you also get more booze this way. Then, put them in the handy sandwich bags they request you use at the airports. This way, they are less than the ounces you are supposed to have in the plane and sealed in the correct containers. When you get on the plane, just ask for a regular soda and an extra cup. Split the drink in half then add your favorite liquor to the cup. Now, you have two drinks that would have cost you around 14 bucks for only 2 bucks! Quicker, easier and now you can really sit back and enjoy the flight.