photo by Scott Ronson

Ronson bleeds tar and craps nails!

Everybody thinks Ronson's this old, tough SOB that couldn't care less about anything in life but himself. You aren't that far from the truth, but he has this SMALL corner of his heart that goes out to a cat. WHAT???? A Cat?????? La Gato??????

If you remember the 100 year freeze that happened here in the SUN CITY back in February, three cats showed up at the studio door just shaking and like the Grinch that stole Christmas. I felt a SMALL corner of my heart grow three times its size. Well, long story LONG, one of them was run over by a drunk driver on Mesa Street just outside the studio. One was picked up by this psycho family that was traveling through El Paso, their cat got out of their RV and I guess this one was close enough for them and they stole him. The 3rd one has stayed here outside of the studio since the freeze.


Every day I look in the refrigerator here at the station for something it can eat. OK People, if you leave meat in the frig overnight and by the time I get here if you haven't eaten it, it goes to Fluffy (fictitious name).

The Question: Does Scott Ronson really have a heart or is he just doing this for a chance to get into heaven?