When you hear Ames, Iowa, you probably think "corn", "flat", or maybe, if you know your Big XII sports, "college town". Well, this video lauding the city of Ames...won't change your perceptions one bit!

The video shows people riding in a car past Ames, IA, landmarks (read: trees and one tower on the Iowa State campus) singing a song called "Hurray For Ames!" And there's not one single surprise in the whole video.

When a major selling point for your town is the clean drinking water...Eat your heart out, Charleston, WV!

Ames looks and sounds like a wonderful college town in a nice midwestern state. But is this video enough to make Lawrence, KS; Columbia, MO; or even (gasp!) Iowa City, IA, jealous?

Even more, is it enough to make people want to leave larger more "happening" cities and flock to Ames?

Well, the video shows two -- one of whom actually moved from Brooklyn! Like, hey, who wouldn't want to live in Brooklyn? THIS college professor who moved to Ames!

My favorite part: in the winter scene, showcasing that Ames sports all four seasons, one guy shows off his skis.

Cross-country, I take it?