It snowed two inches in Atlanta and people flipped out. I can understand because I live in El Paso and if we get so much as a flurry, people take their kids out of school and stay home from work.

Mando refuses to drive to work if there’s any ice anywhere inside the county. I get it.

Here are some examples of how cold it was this week in the South…

It was so cold in the deep south this week…

(How cold was it?)

Larry the Cable Guy was spotted wearing sleeves

Paula Deen is wearing her fur Klan robe

Michael Vick is training his fighting dogs to pull sleds

Atlanta gang members are pulling up their saggy pants

Even George Zimmerman was wearing his hoodie pulled up

Rednecks now have one extra car in their front yard that doesn't start.

The Duck Dynasty guy’s beards for once feel comfortable

Ted Turner is donating a billion dollars to reverse the effects of "global cooling"

The KKK is setting crosses on fire just for the warmth.