Everyone loves bacon, or at least every real American does. But I found this video that shocks you that bacon is actually pretty terrible for you. After watching this video, do you still want a thick slab of bacon?

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Bacon over the past few years has had a huge surge in popularity. With everything from BLTs, bacon burgers, bacon covered everything almost, bacon milkshakes and bacon ice cream sundaes, bacon has become a meal staple and something that can be a garnish or a main ingredient.

But even as we are all proclaiming our undying love and devotion to this delectable meat, you have to wonder how bad is it for you? Obviously as soon as it start sizzling in the pan, you see the fat and grease and have to know that isn't the best thing for you. Well, this video explains to you pretty simply exactly how bad bacon really is for you. But the real question is, will you stop eating bacon? Most likely no. Half the food that we eat in this day and age isn't the best for you. We eat for the pleasure and taste, not as much for the healthy content or nutritional value. Eh, the life of an American.