Let's get ready to...  vote for this week's Hottie!  We've got some lovely ladies for you to choose from.   Each week's winner will receive an exclusive KLAQ Hottie t-shirt that she can proudly wear and let everyone know she's a winner.  Congratulations to last week's winner, Kimberly.


Let's meet this week's lovely contestants.


27-year-old Lynsey says "I love KLAQ!


Eun is 31-years-old and enjoys "taking my doggies for walks, going shopping, clubs, and more."


Stephanie is a 19-year-old with a lot to say! "Fucken shit.. ha ha jk jk. Sorry for my vulgarity peeps. Anyways, I am heavily influenced by the gothic lolita culture. I also have a fascination with porcelain dolls!! They're so pretty and they're vessels for spirits!! How awesome can it get!! Thus, I love to learn and draw!!Fuck yea!! hmmm... i'm pretty weird, and i love making friends!!=) It's just so nice to talk to many people. =) Also, people consider me as a very happy person. Oh yea!! I can be shy sometimes though... it just depends on the mood and the situation. Anyways, i'm basically doing this because it's something new.=) If i dont win it won't matter=) But if I win that'll be fucking badass!!=D


22-year-old Gabriela is a "recent college grad my plans for me and my daughter is to get my bachelors in nursing.  I'm outgoing, sweet and loving, love LOVE shopping and sports!!"

If you believe you have the goods, enter the Hottie Battle below.