Last week's Hottie Battle was intense. The voting was close, 1 percent to be exact, but Alex reigns triumphant and she will be getting her KLAQ Hottie t-shirt and passes to the KLAQ Haunted House! Up next is another two hotties, both deserving of your vote.

This week we have two new beautiful babes, Roberta and Heather.

This is Heather:

"I have been a model for seven years and I like to think I am different than most models. I wrestled in high school and I box for fun! I grew up a tomboy my whole life and modeling was a way for me to express my inner woman. I currently work for a production company and I am a talent agent as well. I am a woman who wears many hats!"

This is Roberta:

"5ft 6 inches of tenacity and attitude that won't take crap from anyone. Loving mother of 2 and husband to a third "child”."