A few months ago model Nela Zisser received some major social media attention for practically swallowing a giant burrito. Now she is back to take on an even bigger burrito.

Nicknamed the Burritozilla, this delicious monster is made up of bread, rice, beans, meat, lettuce, tomato salsa, guacamole, cheese, hot sauce and sour cream. This former Miss Earth pageant participant looks like she isn't only made of pagenat material, but made for eating competitions.

This is the type of role model she should embrace more than walking around in a bathing suit, wishing for world peace. I want to strive to eat massive burritos and still manage to look as the beautiful Nela. That's a surprise talent I believe anyone can bust out when they need to impression some friends, are late for work or are trying to get Chipotle to sponsor them.