As I continue to get my costume ready for this year's local comic-con, I can't help but wonder what unique people are going to show up! The fun part of the conventions are the pictures you can take with random people and luckily, no one has tried to be creepy with me. I know it's so tempting to want to grab some of the girls in costume but watch out for boyfriends!

This couple decided to prank people that were brave enough to take a picture with this gorgeous Wonder Woman. It is obvious that these guys didn't try to grab any of his girlfriends goodies but the boyfriend in this video wants to make sure no one messes with his woman.

Check out the hilarious reactions from these guys when they are accused of grabbing Wonder Woman. I can't believe how scared some guys get but I doubt anyone in El Paso would stay calm in a situation like this. I might just have to try this prank! How would you react to this?