After the popularity of Sharknado, Squirrels is hoping to make it to the big screen! Get ready to be afraid of fluffy tailed, flesh-eating rodents or the end of good horror movie ideas.

The movie poster warns everyone, "Hold On To Your Nuts" as a cute squirrel is eating a women's finger. The bright red letters tell us the movie is coming soon but no one has signed to offically make this movie, yet. Timur Bekmambetov is helping raise funds for this crazy idea of killer squirrels taking over a town and viciously eating everyone in it.

Bekmambetov, director of Wanted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is hoping for someone to pick up this idea and make it a full length movie. With all the remakes schedule to be released soon such as, Carrie and American Psycho, a fresh horror idea is such a relief but killer squirrels?

Tornados made of sharks and piranhas killing spring breakers have a cult following, so maybe this can work. Check out the trailer to 'Squirrels" and see if you would pay to see this movie in theatres. I bet if you love 'Birds' and 'Sharknado', you might love this. I just think squirrels are way too cute to be evil!