To me, this is hilarious.  While talking about the Obama's 2016 movie, Teresa commented that she couldn't get over how much President Obama's Kenyan half-brother resembled the president.  Why is this funny? Because of this....



I guess they kinda bear a vague resemblance.  In that they both have 2 eyes and a nose. Ears, I guess.  But Teresa's point was how incredibly identical they look.

"Their noses", she argued. "Look how alike their noses are. And the hair".

Yes.  I concede they have similar traits common to the African ethno-type.

I think Mando got it right when he  said that George Obama looks more like Dave Chappelle than Barak Obama.


In case you're interested, the guy who made the Obama movie, Dinesh D'Souza, recently wrote an article about how he, D'Sousa, sent George Obama $1000 for medical treatment for his ailing son.  You can read that column here.

D'Souza goes on to make the argument that Barak Obama has some nerve espousing a "spread the wealth" economic philosophy while not even helping out his own flesh and blood.

Here's what I think, though...if Barak Obama had ever given money to George or helped him come to the U.S. or, really, helped him in any way,  these same critics would be expressing "outrage" that the president was abusing his power to help his "hordes of foreign, Third World relatives" while doing nothing for the poor back in the U.S.A.

Sometimes, you can't win.