Everyone is talking about how disturbing Miley Cyrus' VMA performance was and are still having nightmares. The best thing to come from that performance would have to be all the memes that were inspired by her crazy antics and flat booty. Check out some of my favorite memes that are taking over the internet.

I miss Dave Chappelle. He is hilarious! I would love to see the skits he would come up with, they probably would involve him twerking with Miley.




Hank Hill freaks me out and now this image will haunt me. At least she doesn't have those awful tan lines.




Love chicken? Well you might look at it different now. They probably smell the same.




We all agree. Safe sex is the best sex. How can you sleep at night Billy Ray?




My brother used to scare the crap out of me with a Beetlejuice mask when I was younger. Now this image will probably appear in my nightmares. Robin Thicke is too damn sexy of a man to be photoshopped! AHH!



I could go on and on with all these amazing memes but this blog wouldn't be able to upload before your boss caught you reading this. If you have a favorite, send it in to me or share it in the comments.