After our Morning Show meeting, we decided to have a little fun.

The conference room at our studio is being renovated so today's meeting was held in our program director's office. After discussing important business and zombies, we rushed out of the office like any other professional radio morning show would, by racing in office chairs.

Separating into teams, Mando and Lisa took on Buzz and Fernie,  by attempted to race down the hall without embarrassing themselves.

The best part would have to be when Fernie screams as he crashes into a wall. Things get a little crazy when Buzz and Fernie cut off Mando and Lisa, but do you expect them to play fair?

I am just glad I got out of the way before Spicy Mando knocked me down. Lisa really needs to learn how to drive a desk chair. I'm hoping we can start this as a tradition after morning show meetings. Just another day working for KLAQ.