Every country has their fans out there supporting their home country, but which country has the hottest/ funniest/ most dedicated fans? That is all up for debate but Mexico is a serious contender for the funniest fans. 

Buda Mendes/ Getty Images

The fans at the World Cup are all obsessed with this sport. They scream, they cry, and in Japan's case, they even clean the pitch after the game. And I used to complain about cleaning my mess after the movies. But the real question I want to know is, not only who has the hottest fans at the world cup, but who has the funniest? Funniest outfits, craziest looks and who doesn't care what people think, just want to be there to have a good time.

My vote goes to Mexico, they have some of the most interesting and creative outfits to represent their country and make people excited for their game. I think these pictures show exactly why Mexican fans are some of the best fans out in Brazil right now for the World Cup. Hopefully if El Paso gets a Major League Soccer team, we can see some of these great outfits right here in El Paso.