A lot of people belittle Metallica nowadays (does that word make me sound old?) since they haven't been as heavy as their first four albums in the last twenty years. That hasn't stopped them from dominating the globe with their massive tour schedules and album releases. If you haven't seen Metallica live, you're missing out. It's a great show, and they really do some of the coolest things with their stages.

The Master of Puppets tour saw the large white crosses, and the ...And Justice For All tour had the collapsing Doris and light rig. The Black Album tour had the snake pit, and then Load and Reload had the spoofing of all their past incidents with the burning guy, the collapsing stages, the blown PA, dual stages.

Every tour, Metallica cooks up something to make their show bigger and better. The went from end stage setup to in the round, played around with the shape of the in the round idea, took end stage to the next step with the addition of the snake pit, and now on these current dates, they've pulled out all the stops!

Tesla coils, huge explosions, giant crosses, fire, collapsing Doris, stagehand on fire, people trapped in caskets, the entire stage floor is a video screen...these guys really make their shows into spectacles. They've taken everything Iron Maiden and Dio helped bring to the concert hall and expanded upon it with their deep pockets.

Do yourself a favor and go see this band live. Even if you're not a huge Metallica fan, you can't help but have a good time at the concert. They even make (almost) every show available for download as well, in case you want the show you went to, or maybe a show you missed on CD, complete with all the artwork provided by the band. Love them or hate them, these guys really a lot of stuff to give their fans a cool experience.