Scott Ronson has been bummin’ a ride from the entire KLAQ staff for over a year! HELP US get him a ride!

Got a 2000 or newer car? Wanna trade?

So far, we’ve got:

  • Rush tickets
  • Disturbed tickets & meet’ n greet.
  • Avalanche Tour tickets, plus meet ‘n greet with some of the bands.
  • An autographed guitar. (we think it’s TRAPT)
  • 4 Tickets to every KLAQ event this year. (Balloonfest, Streetfest, BBQ, etc)
  • A Rockband game.

We’ll get more stuff!

Fill out the form below and let him know what you got…..and what you want!

HELP US GET RONSON A RIDE!  He complains even when we give him rides to and from work, he's DRIVING US CRAZY!


Scott's Standards:
Must be a 2000 or newer
Clear Title
Current Inspection and tags
No junk in the trunk (whole families, illegals,etc.)

Ladies, if your husband screwed ya and you want to get rid of his Jaguar, Vette, Benz, or other Mid-life Crisis Car, here's your chance to PAY HIM BACK!