Buzz Adams and Ted Williams have something in common! They both believe in head freezing or cryogenics. If you know of a lab that Buzz can contact to get his head frozen let us know! I imagined how cool it would be to take Buzz’s head around the town with me.

Buzz wants his head to be decapitated, frozen then later be brought to life. I totally volunteer to be the head keeper.

Here we are having an after noon bit at the famous Rosas Cantina.

Rosas Cantina

Here we are celebrating Taco Tuesday thanks to Mo'z BBQ.

Mo'z Bbq

I love to eat so its only right that I take him to one of my favorite burrito places. Rafas Burritos. The burrito is as big as Buzz's ego. Perfect.

Rafas Burritos

After a long day of eating we will wind down with a Mexican delight. Elotes on a palo. I got one for me and another one for me.


I will also take Buzz on field trips. Like here we stop by Lincoln Park in the heart of El Paso to take a selfie with my favorite chola.

Lincoln Park


Thanks to Ruben Romero who wins the Photoshop award this month.