Having to fix up the house and shop for groceries can really be a drag. If you need to change up your chore routine, add some heavy metal!

These guys have found a solution to making some jobs bearable, thanks to metal music. Just by adding some sweet heavy metal performance techniques and movements to their working routine, these men have reinvented chores.

Shopping can be so boring and last longer than you expected. If you run around Wal-Mart you could be trapped by looking at all the great deals or by an old lady who can't make up her mind about which bread to buy. These kids decided to make a music video about their metal grocery shopping and I thank them for it.

Screw paint brushes! If you have long, flowing headbanging hair, you better use it for anything you can. These three guys sacrificed their glorious locks to paint a room. They dunk their hair in buckets of white paint, cue the music and start headbanging. Their windmill technique is quite beautiful.

You couldn't get anymore metal than home construction. Need to take a wall down? Don't just smash it down. Smash it down while rocking to metal! If just makes it was way cooler.

Probably one of the most boring chores gets a metal makeover. Vacuuming is so loud and annoying, you need something to drown out that frustrating noise! Choose your favorite metal song and bust out the vacuum. This guy can show you some great moves to do while you clean up, just don't pull a muscle like he did.