So, this morning I go in to get some coffee from the break room. I notice about a dozen of these packets that you see pictured below.


Let's get a little closer look at what we're seeing here.


This package, that I wouldn't identify conclusively until I opened it, had the following words printed on it.


Human Health and Sexuality

An Initiative of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.

What? Condoms? Clean needles? OH MY GOD!!! Are these Sanitary Napkins??

None of the above. These were packages of microwaveable popcorn.

Safe Sex Microwaveable popcorn.


Now,  I'm all in favor of healthy sexual practices.   I'm also in favor of popcorn.  I just have trouble seeing how the two go together.

More than anything, I just wonder how the meeting went when they decided on this particular way of communicating their message....

"Well, we've got a few thousand more dollars in grant money. We need to find SOMETHING to spend it on."

"Hmmm.  We should do something to get the word out that healthy human sexuality is a thing we're into."

"Yeah, but how do we get that message to young people? What is something sexually active people are really, really into?"

"Duh! POPCORN!!"

"BINGO! Let's print up 20,000, pronto, and make sure they get into every radio station break room within a 100 mile radius. Those places are STD cesspools."


And, in case you're wondering, I DID open up a package of  Safe Sex Popcorn and, NO, there weren't any condoms, IUD's or Morning After pills inside.

Just popcorn.  That I'm not going to eat!