First he was giving in away, now he's trying to buy one!!

Slash recently had guitarists learning to play his song "Anastasia" to try and win a new autographed Epiphone! (The how to videos are still up there if you just want to learn the song!)

Now that he's past that fellow rockers, he wants to buy YOUR Les Paul!

He's trying to find one of his favorite axes from back in the day so, if you have a Les Paul you want to sell ... and it meets certain conditions ... looks like you can pretty much name your price!





Slash posted the following note at

I’m trying to find a Les Paul that I used back in the early 90′s. I’ve since lost track of it. It was an 1989/90 Gibson Goldtop, serial #70854. I always loved that guitar and would be interested in buying it back from whomever has it…. I’ll make it worth their while”


Start checking those digits!!