Ok, when you have your cell phone in your pocket, we all know you end up butt dialing every so often someone on your phone. All I can pray is it isn't my friend while I'm talking trash about her to our other friend, or Mr. Right while I'm hooking up with my Mr. Right This Moment. But a big problem apparently is people butt dialing.....911. In a new report from The Daily, for every 100 calls made to 911, over 40 were accidental "butt dials." Now, this does also include pocket and purse dials as well. But when you think about this in numbers, that's a whopping 100 million accidental 911 calls last year alone. Even worse, the call centers have to listen on the phone to see if it is an actually emergency. So imagine the poor call center listening to your conversation with your bestie about how horrible that guy was in bed last night. Embarrassing and a lack of an emergency. Unless he was a one minute man. Then that would be a reason for an emergency and to never to talk to him again.
So have you ever butt dialed someone embarrassing? Or worse, butt dialed 911? I'll admit, I have. But it did lead to me getting a call back to make sure I was ok. I never even knew my singing The Outfield was that bad. Thanks 911 operators for making me question my karaeoke skills.