Halestorm tore through El Paso a while back with the Carnival Of Madness tour.  For the first time she and Amy Lee performed together right here in El Chuco and she and Halestorm continue to make history!

The duet was awesome.

Halestorms "Love Bites (So Do I)" is the first song ever to hit number 1 by a female fronted band!

Now, Halestorm are headlining along with In This Moment and Eve To Adam!  (Her and Maria Brink from In This Moment? Together?? Can you imagine the duet that's brewing there?!?!)

That is gonna be a helluva show!  (Check out the story(s) of how I met Chris from In This Moment here and here.)

So far Tempe is the closest it gets to us (11/12/12) and I am soooo going to make that drive!  If you're planning any traveling in the near future, check out all the tour dates here!

Major props to Halestorm!  An incredible band, doing incredibly well and they totally deserve it!  I don't think they're anywhere near their peak yet!

Anyway, back to the duet she and Amy did. Again, we saw it first here in El Paso! (They literally ran through it one time only minutes before doors opened at The Haskins Center.  When it was time, they totally nailed it!)

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Here's the El Paso performance.  Not the best camera angle but, enjoy!