Sometimes when you're at a festival concert, you can't help but let the music take you over, but this guy, really lost himself in the music. 


During the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival (commonly known as Coachella) festival goers are known for having some crazy behavior. From their outfits to the dancing, nothing is looked down on. While listening to the set by MGMT, I spotted a fiery headed spirit dancer enjoying the sounds of their music. Apparently, he brought his crocheted vest for the soul purpose of using it like a ribbon dancer uses a ribbon. The continuous face touching, body sways to the sky and vest ribbon dancing was so intriguing I could'nt help but begin video taping the guy as he danced.

The video is fairly short, but I did watch him dance for at least minutes. Unfortunately, I missed some of the best dancing moments that he gave me. One, in the beginning, he completely realized that I was recording him, and proceeding to point at me and direct a very sensual body roll towards my direction. I am going to assume that sexiness was for me and me only. Two, at one point, he began dancing on the people around him, who I hope were his friends. They didn't seem to mind, except one gentlemen who thought the body rolls were a bit too sexual for him. And three, during a part in the song that he was utterly into, he began using the vest as wings, and proceeded to fly around the rest of the crowd while we danced. It was one of the strangest, and best parts of the MGMT performance in my opinion. Check out the video of my ribbon dancer below and realize that if you ever do drugs (which I don't recommend), make sure there isn't a camera in the crowd. Unless you want a video like this online.