A man decided to treat himself to a some Burger King burgers, but was annoyed as he waited in line, by a spoiled kid and his snobby mother. He ended up causing a problem for the snobby mother. He shared his fast food nightmare with the audience of Reddit and asked them, "Am I a bad person for this?"

According to Reddit user thr111,  during his Burger King visit, a mother was ignoring her annoying child as he was screaming for a pie. He was trying to ignore the kid but his migraine was controlling his actions. He asked the mother politely, if she could please calm down her kid but she just yelled at thr11 instead.

Once he reached the cashier, thr111 decided to take revenge by ordering all the pies BK had. After receiving all 23 pies and his burgers, he walked out the restaurant like a boss.

He could hear the woman yelling at the cashier about selling all the pies. When the woman found out he bought all the pies, she attempted to chase him but he just pulled out a pie and took a bite out of it.

The only thing that worries me, is that this story could be completely fake! I hope not because this is something tons of people have probably wanted to do, but keep it to themselves.