Not an investigation of him mind you, an internal investigation of the Vegas PD!

DJ Ashba, lead guitarist of G n R and Sixx: AM decided to take his girlfriend, Nathalia Henao, (TOTAL hottie!!) on a helicopter tour of Las Vegas.  At the end of the ride, the copter landed in a field near a table set with roses and champagne.  There, he proposed to her!

Sounds nice huh?  For them it was, but the cops aren't impressed!


Their flight was on a Las Vegas Police Helicopter and now police Captain David O'Leary and the choppers pilot are both being investigated by internal affairs.  Seems Vegas' finest don't like their officers giving free helicopter rides to their friends!!

It all came to light when Ashba posted photos of the big night and thanked O'Leary for all his help.

He posted:

That was the most incredible day of our life!! Special thx to the Las Vegas Police Dept. for the most amazing helicopter private tour over Vegas! We landed in a field at Police headquarters were I had a table set up covered in roses n a bottle of the bubble stuff for @naty_yummi8 as we walked up to the table @karikaisner slipped me the ring, and thats when I proposed! it was beautiful she didn’t expect a thing, it was magical. And thanks to our good friends for helping making it all happen!! Dave and @nitaoleary @tommyoleary #AshbaFamily #RnR#blessed #shesaidyes #HolyCrapWereGettingMarried #engaged#forever #miamor #thejewelersLV


Maybe shouldn't have named names huh??