Check this out. It seems like everyone in El Paso is a guitar player, so this is a cool thing to share with you all. Chris Broderick, the sick-ass guitar shredder from Megadeth will give you the chance to out shred him on stage and walk away with HIS GUITAR!

How, you ask?

Go to the Rocksmith page for all the deets, but basically, you record your cover of one of Megadeth's songs;Symphony of Destruction, Public Enemy Number One or Hangar 18. Then people will be chosen to a Rocksmith game shred-off with Chris on stage, where one person will get his guitar!

In case you haven't seem Rocksmith, it's like that other guitar-playing game, but you actually get to use a real guitar and play the actual song. It's pretty cool, and good for beginners through you sick shred-bastages! Here's Guitar World's Paul Riario showing you some Rocksmith stuff: