So if you were to want an apple, where would you go? The grocery store? Yeah. A Saturday Market? Sure. An apple store? I guess. I didn't realize there were stores with just apples in them. Well, there is in Green Bay, and it has something in common with Apple stores that sell electronics. Their merchandise doesn't have head phone jacks.

But this was still confusing to people, because they kept calling the store, asking about the new iPhone 7 and other products.

"We get calls daily about how to fix phones and computers and things like that,” said store manager Diane Brenkus. “And I have to explain to them these apples are what you eat. They don't want me working on their computers anyhow."

On the bright side, the store sold out of all of their apples, and are looking to expand the kinds of apples they carry. Just not the ones that continue to disappoint customers.