Slang words these days are incredibly difficult to understand. Not only do some young people, like myself, have a hard time defining these words but older generations have no clue. These grandmas prove that the English language is just turning into nonsense with each added slang word.

Bae is a word that makes many people throw up just a little every time they hear it. I thought moist was the most hated word, but I now feel Bae is taking the spotlight. Many of these words will probably go out of style some time soon, but until then we must teach them to the oldest generation and use them in every rap song possible.

I know when I have children I will look back at many pop culture trends and be embarrassed for my generation, but cherish all those memories. While a ton of "shade" may constantly be thrown at people who use these words, your only way to seem cool is to say that "Bootylicious" was a word we all used to love and will forever live on in Webster's Dictionary.