After watching this video, I now realize I wasted my college years. A graduate student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts created a oddly mesmerizing "penis wall" by using a 3D printer and maybe some ex-boyfriends as models. Not only is is a cool decoration piece but it actually moves to music.

Forget those popular water speakers, "penis walls" are the cool new way to enjoy your music visually. Peiqi Su, a student at Interactive Telecommunications Program, submitted this wall during an ITP graduate show. She created this masterpiece by using a 3D-printer and an ultrasonic distance sensor, which she said allows the wall to be "programmed not only to dance, but to serve as a visualization for data, such as stock market patterns."

Check out a video of the wall in action. I really would love to own this. Who doesn't want all a penis wall to guard your house?