Oh I am so sorry, I thought this was America. Apparently, not anymore.

I never thought there would be a day when the government in America would be trying to regulate what we put on our own body. The Arkansas Senate just passed a bill, attempting to limit "non-traditional" tattoos and body modifications. Shockingly, this bill passed 26-4. If this bill actually becomes a law, that means tattoo parlors would be dealing with very strict regulations, and the exact procedures that would be banned are not known.

The senator who wrote this bill, Republican Missy Irvin of Mountain View, Arkansas left the wording in the bill vague, which means in the future, other tattoos or body modification procedures could be added.For instance, one part of this bill states, "'Tattooing' does not include permanent cosmetics." So that means certain procedures that have been done (eyebrows, nipples, eyeliner, any procedure that could be considered cosmetic) could become illegal and you could not get them done again. Also, what would constitute "cosmetic." Could procedures in the future be considered "cosmetic," and then what do you do? Some things you get done need to be redone as it gets older, just like breast implants or a face lift.

When it comes to dermal implants, if they became illegal, would you be forced to take them out? If you are not able to afford the cost to get any dermal work taken out, would you be fined? Jailed? What would happen in that situation?

You can read the bill here and judge for yourself. Do you think it is okay for the state of Arkansas to try and limit what a person can do to their own body? If this gets approved and becomes law in Arkansas, how long until other states try to tell you what you can do to your body as well? After this law is passed, what will be the next thing the government will tell you they are in charge of?

Here are some examples of procedures that could become illegal in Arkansas.

Facebook/ House of Pain Tattoo


Facebook/ House of Pain Tattoo