Wednesday is here ... hang in there, we're half way there!!

Are you guys ready for today's morning show?! I know I am. As always it is going to be a great one with Buzz and the rest of the Morning Show Crew. Along with them will be The Great Nostradumbass (definitely looking forward to that), Shark Week coverage continues as well and plenty more!

Also, I would like to remind you all that this Friday, August 9th tickets for the 28th annual KLAQ BBQ will go on sale (Sweet!!). It will be Labor Day Monday, September 2nd at Western Playland. Who's going to be there you ask ... FILTER and HOOBASTANK!! So get your tickets and join us for great food, rides and rocking music!


Have a question you would like to ask our Morning Show? You can email me at or message me on Facebook here ... so ask away as I will be randomly selecting a few and video blogging their responses!! (~this should be interesting!~)