These girls are out to make some big money in Colorado! Plus the place where they set up  is probably the best way to sell their entire load in one day. Is there a business strategy merit this girl can win? 

Photo By Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Danielle Lei is a thirteen year old Girl Scout from San Francisco, CA who needed to sell her cookies. She and her mother thought the best place to set up was.... A MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY. Not only did the dispensary give their blessing to her, they also bought a few of the boxes for themselves. She sold 117 boxes of cookies within 2 hours, even having to call for backup boxes at one point. That's almost 40 more boxes than she would have sold setting up outside of a grocery store, like she did the next day. Looks like she's just scanning the area to see what place could get her to sell the most boxes.

Danielle's mother also spoke to the media about how this was a learning experience for her daughter. She got to see the different types of people who need and are able to use medical marijuana. She also learned another valuable lesson; people smoke get REALLY hungry!


You can see Danielle selling here cookies here.