Finally! You can watch a girl get naked and spank it for a good cause!
In a recession and jobless economy, how's a girl supposed to afford her schooling? By stripping of course! Emma Green, a 25 year old who studied multi media design at Glamorgan University (it sounds like a university for transvestites and drag queens to be honest) could not find a job and decided gettin' naked was the best way to pay for her studies.
She made about $16,000 a year which may not sound like a lot but she also lived with her parents. So that saved her some money as well. I wonder how her parents felt being in the living room while she took it all off in her childhood bedroom. I see therapy necessary in her near future.
Nevertheless, the girl is hott and can pull off any hair color or outfit. If you would like to give to this worthy cause, she's on the website Britain's Got Webcams. And yes, the link goes directly to her profile. Your welcome.

If you can't wait that long for the webpage to load, here's some good spankable photos right here.