There, now that I've completely ruined the concept of "3 Ways" for you .. possibly forever .. let's see what our favorite wacky kids are up to now!It's been awhile since I updated you on "As The Jewels Turn" and I know you are all DYING to hear the latest so; here you go! 

Guys pay attention, you may get in trouble with your lady someday and Dr. Love has shown you what to do!

It seems all you have to do my brothers is go on tv and apologize to Sharon Osbourne for making fun of her kids and implying that her husband had a drinking problem. (How dare he? We all know Ozzy never touched the stuff. Right??) Simple as that .. bing, bang you're off the couch!!!   :)  

That's Gene's plan anyway ... watch him in action here thanks to!!

Somehow, I don't see this helping.  (Unless a condition of his forgiveness was to go out and totally de-man himself!!  If that's the case, he's good to go!)