At SXSW, you see some crazy things from all the drunk and crazy people out at the festivities. And now, you can see some drunken craziness.


My favorite has to be a random burlesque show where a man dressed up in a mask and a full mermaid costume started stripping. I was out at the bar, The Aquarium, attempting to stop a girl from falling off her barstool, when I saw this man coming onto the stage. From there, homegirl was on her own. I went over to the stage and immediately started filming. Now, you can see in all his glory this guy showing what his momma gave him in a exotic and not so erotic striptease.


There is even more crazy and wild things happening out here at SXSW and I will try and get them all to you here at KLAQ.COM. Anything you have seen while you have been out at SXSW? Comment below and let us know what you have seen!