Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of family, peace and all that happy-schmappy stuff your mom likes to talk about when making everyone get together for dinner. But what it's really become is a day of gorging on amazing food, watching football, and arguing with family member that piss you off. How is this a bad thing? It's fun!

After all the football is over, the belt on your pants has been loosened, and the annoying cousins have gone home, it's you-time! After all the tryptophan has kicked in, you don't want to move your lazy butt off the couch, so here's a low-impact activity you can do with the rest of your evening!

For those of you with kids, watch the ever family-friendly, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving":

For those of you who want a few laugh, here are a couple movies that are fun to watch. First up, the more normal and mass-appeal movie, "Grumpy Old Men". You gotta love old guys playing pranks on each other, being nasty, and trying to get their Viagra timed out right.

Finally, a really odd movie with one of my favorite chicks, Parker Posey. She's weird, but oddly hot to me. I love her. "The House of Yes" is one of those dark comedies you'll like, where a brother brings home his fiancé to meet his family, only for some dark secrets begin to bubble to the surface. I still love her.