Welcome to another great edition of Loudwire Nights with your favorite hosts, Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie. We have a good one tonight with awesome tunes, interviews and a few tracks from one of Jackie's favorite bands - Type O Negative as we remember Peter Steele. 

Tonight the sexy Full Metal Jackie will be talking with Gabe of Aranda. Remember their acoustic set a few years back at KLAQ's Balloonfest? It was epic considering they got to the park, put their bags down and hit the stage right away and still managed to rock it. Here's a quick chat I had with them after their performance. The backstory of this video though, is that it took quite a while to make because we all couldn't stop laughing. Such great guys and amazing talent!

Later on, Breaking Benjamin along with Bumblefoot of Guns n' Roses will be joining Tony and Jackie on the show. Also, Dexter Holland of The Offspring will be on the show. Check out Lisa's blog as she announces the incredible lineup for the Texas Showdown Festival one being The Offspring. It is going to be crazy good!

Tonight we'll also be remembering Peter Steele of Type O Negative who passed away five years ago today. For more on Steele, check out Jon's blog.

At ten, we rock even harder with most of our favorite Metallica tunes on Loudwire Nights Mission Metallica.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!