Hey city of El Paso, THIS is what a light display is supposed to look like. Entertaining, interesting, FREE and looks to be worth 25 thousand dollars.

THIS is a Christmas light display!! Check out this video of Fred and Mary Loya’s light display at their home.
How much do you think this costs? Whatever it is, it makes Eddie Holguin’s $25,000 debacle look even more ridiculous.
Wait!!! Are you telling me that a private businessman is able to do something this cool for the city with NO money from the taxpayers and the city government’s version has made our city a national laughingstock? Amazing! Vote Libertarian.
A listener wrote in about her experience with the Fred Loya Christmas lights. You can go to Fred Loya's very own house and get all this:
Every year they give out hot chocolate , cookies avd even have a Santa to take pics with kids. He has EPPD there's long sure the crowd is safe and even porta pottys. After each show he lets you walk into gates area avd see lights up close, and he added a snow machine this year .. He even has people picking up trash so as not to pollute neighborhood.
Yeah, maybe next year the city should hire Fred Loya's people.

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