I know everyone is crazy watching the 2012 London Olympics but have you ever heard of the Rural Olympics? Cart Racing, Mule Racing, Tractor Racing, and such gems as Teeth Bicycle lifting and Body Bottle Lifting. But my personal favorites are still Belly Scooter Lifting and over 90 yrs old 100 meter dash. Check out the REAL games! Started in 1933 these games actually have a rich history and were started so that the true culture of India could stay alive. These games are hosted in Kila Raipur in Punjab, India. These games happen every February and attract fans in India and from foreign countries.

Now don't get me wrong, I know the athletes of the Olympics train for years and years to perfect their sport and make sure that they get the gold. But the athletes and animals of the Rural Olympics don't have to train, this is what they do in their everyday life. So I think they are the most dedicated. Even after they win first prize, these are still some activities they do in their everyday life. Except jumping through fire hoops. That may be something they do only on special occasions.

So check out some videos of the Rural Olympics and let me know which one would be more exciting to watch: young, athletic men and women running 100 meters or a 90 something year old guy doing it? I'd rather see the old dude do it.