A small town in South Dakota is for sale ... and I WANT IT!!

This is kinda cool!  A small S. Dakota town is up for sale and I figured out a way to get it!!

First, a virtual tour for you.  This is a very important part of my sales pitch, so please watch carefully via yahoo.com!

See the potential??  It's close to Sturgis also so I'll .. errr .. WE'LL never miss the rally!  All I need is 800k. (Maybe less, I'm going to try and talk them down a bit, it does need a little fixing up.  Maybe I can get Congress to give me some sort of a stimulus pkg!)

Anyway, here's what's in it for you!  If all of you reading this will send me 1, 5 or even 10 dollars; I promise you will always have a cool place to stay. You know how hard it is to get a room near Sturgis (hell, anywhere in DAKOTA)during rally week, right??  This is an AMAZING deal for you.  Plus, you can visit whenever you like. NOT just during Sturgis! (Limit 1 visit per year. Holidays, weekends and my birthday not included. Taxes, usage fees and beer required as a condition of this agreement.  Pets allowed, kids require a $25 deposit. See official rules for more details) 

No noise ordinances, plenty of bike parking and only the tiniest amount of municipal laws!! (I'm not only the mayor, I'm also the sheriff!  Therefore, the 1 or 2 laws that do exist aren't real hard to stay on the right side of!!) Incredible deal huh?? Limited time only though, so ACT NOW!!

Simply bring your CASH to the Q studios, 4180 N. Mesa! It's as easy as that!!

Now, I just need a name. Glenny-town?  Glenn-ich Village?  Glennsylvania?? (Kinda like that one!) Hmmm.......