I've always admired the creativity and originality Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) have brought to the table!!

When I lived in Miami, I worked in a quiet government office and silence had always bothered me a bit. So I was given permission to play whatever music I wanted. Of course, that was quite the door that was opened as The Foo Fighters were the "it" band for me at the time.

One of the songs I definitely had to play everyday was "Learn To Fly". My co-workers, not really rock fans, got used to listening to them and became huge fans themselves.

So, here are my favorite Foo Fighter music videos I would play all the time!!

Learn To Fly:






The Pretender (One of my favorite songs to workout to!):



Long Road To Ruin:






So those are just to show you a few. I know there are many awesome more. Which is your favorite??